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Keeping up on maintenance will help prevent costly repairs. We offer very competitive pricing on any scheduled services your car may need. Our goal is to follow the manufacture mileage and time based intervals. We will not recommend and up-sell our customers unnecessary maintenance for their vehicles. Common items that do need to be addressed during the life of your vehicle are important. Check your owners manual and vehicle history records before purchasing any of these items. It is always a good practice to replace related components when servicing your car.


In the event you run into broken or worn out parts, we are there to replace them on-site where ever the vehicle is. If the vehicle requires a shop environment to be repaired, we can still help. Arrangements can be made for your vehicle to be transported to our location for repairs. It is rare for us to not be able to fix a concern, and will be upfront with you instead of wasting your time. Our mission is to get you and your family back on the road safely. 


Having been in the industry since 2005, we have experienced a wide range of vehicles and concerns. Our continued education and certification sets us up for success. We take pride in being able to diagnose a concern down to the root cause of the problem. Some diagnosis requires removal of several components. If you choose to have us do the work, the cost of diagnosis will go toward repair costs in these cases so you don't get double charged. However, if you decide to not have us do the work, we will charge diagnosis time. Charges range depending on the time spent, call for pricing. Take advantage of our risk free diagnosis, if we can't figure it out, we will not charge you for our time.